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Accredited Medial Coding and Billing Training

Here is why: CSI offers comprehensive accredited vocational training programs that lead toward the necessary knowledge and skills to perform proficiently and sucessfully in a medical coding and billing job!

CSI prepares you for industry-recognized certifications. Earned credit hours can be transferred to major institutions and applied toward a desired degree. It's definitely worth taking a look!!!
Illinois CSI Campuses are located in the following communities:


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Coding: Working from Home

Coders with a number of years of experience may want to set up their own business from the comfort of their home. Thorough understanding of the medical coding and billing industry, as well as technical skills, high self-motivation and organizational ability, and experience will be the foundation upon which this can be achieved.
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OIG Saves American Taxpayer's Money by Cracking down on Fraud

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Health and Human Services continually strives to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in HHS programs on every front and follows up on all matters involving fraud, waste and mismanagement in any Health and Human Services programs. In the fiscal year 2004, OIG reported savings to the American taxpayer of almost $30 billion! Fraud and abuse cases OIG investigated and resolved involved the following HHS programs:
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Ø Medicare Part-A
Ø Medicare Part-B
Ø Child Support Enforcement
Ø National Institute Of Health
Ø Indian Health Service
Ø Food and Drug Administration
Ø Center for Disease Control
Ø Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Ø Health Resources and Services Administration
Ø Aid to Children and Families
Ø All Other HHS agencies or related programs

Medical Practice Management

Actually, healthcare computing, IT solutions in disease management, and medical informatics is nothing new, however, because the United States of America's health care system is still largely based on paper and ink, President Bush, many politicians, and health care providers have decided to follow other country's examples, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, and Australia, and are collaborating on plans where within the next ten years all people under the care of a physician in the USA will have an electronic patient record!

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Y People are Attracted to the Medical CodingProfession

I. People are attracted to the medical coding and billing career for several reasons:

they enjoy the healthcare field, medical terminology, and anatomy, and understand numbers and codes
they like helping people but prefer to work independently, from their own area away from the public's eye
they are detail oriented and meticulous when it comes to their work
they know how principles of the computer, and how to find answers to problems
they prefer intensive accelerated training courses and then get out and hit the workforce fast
they enjoy learning-by-doing, and learning additional skills through workshops, and online courses
they are serious about their career and enjoy constantly learning new things as the rules and laws constantly change
they see the possibility to start their own business down the line
they want to earn their money doing what they love
Indeed most distance education courses in medical coding and billing programs do not take very long to complete. Students can complete their courses in just a few weeks, or months, and get out making money using new skills fast.

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